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The Top Donors list records the 10 all-time highest ranking donors to Substepr and their total donation amount. It offers you a way to highlight a problem, advertise your business or any message (provided that we find the message acceptable).

By opting in and donating, you're saying to all of us, "I want Substepr to be here for years to come and I trust that it will be". Your contributions will directly help to ensure the continuation of Substepr. Please donate as much as you can.

Would you like to have either your name, your organisation name, your most important problem or a permanent link to your website on our Top Donors list?

A link placed anywhere else on Substepr would have to be strictly relevant to the problem of that page, but here you can submit almost any website link - plus, the traffic to the Main Page is many times higher than any other page and the Main Page or direct links from it cannot be openly edited, so being featured there is an exclusive privilege for our donors. Please refer to our Donor name or URL submission instructions for further details.

The top 10 links have a 'follow' html attribute so that search engines can award those websites with a higher rank in search results pages. This does not apply to the websites of donors that are lower ranking than the top 10. These websites will be given a 'nofollow' html attribute. The special privilege of having a 'follow' attribute is granted only to our most competitive donors (those in the top 10). All external links on Substepr other than the 10 highest ranking donors will be given a 'nofollow' attribute.

Other donors - 11th place and beyond

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