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  1. The information given anywhere on the Substepr website is not guaranteed to be valid, accurate, precise, recommended or fit for any particular purpose.
  2. Your use of the information given anywhere on the Substepr website is at your own risk.
  3. By making use of any of the information presented on the Substepr website you agree to not hold Substepr, its owner or any users of Substepr or contributors to Substepr responsible for any damage, harm or unwanted effects that have resulted from any use of this information.
  4. Substepr may contain objectionable material or commands that would be illegal if carried out in a particular place but Substepr and its owner do not, in any way, encourage you to break the laws that are in effect wherever you are.

This disclaimer may be modified at a later date and it is your responsibility to be aware of the contents of this disclaimer before you decide to make use of the Substepr website or any of the information found anywhere on the Substepr website.

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