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Listed below are all of the ways that you can make a difference in the Substepr community.

A few words from the founder...

Welcome to Substepr!

  • Click "Edit" on any content page.
  • Donate money or buy a Top Donors link by clicking on Make A Donation (look left then scroll up or down) then emailing your details to (read more). By opting in and donating you're saying to all of us, "I want Substepr to be here for years to come and I trust that it will be". Your contributions will directly help to ensure the continuation of Substepr. Please donate as much as you can.
  • Join our emailing list for all sorts of future communications (not spam, just occasional bright ideas from the founder). Email us ( and ask to be put on our emailing list.
  • Find out about our new Shop window to help fund this project.
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